A downloadable game

Benkmann got an application from a person that he'd rather not even acknowledge existing, but at the same time it is such a brilliant writer that he feels guilty. So he could ask one of his subordinates to help him decide...or maybe just meet what he feared for so long.

With music from Kevin McLeod.

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Weird Is Normal ~Delivery~

Install instructions

Unzip file and run WIN ~Delivery~.exe

Officially, according to the Ren'Py engine, the game should be playable for Linux and Mac as well, but I don't own either and thus don't know. Try it, but sorry if there is an issue with it...


WIN-Fateful-1.0.zip 75 MB


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This was touching :) Really loved it!

I made a let's play of one ending. Hope it helps bring attention to your game!

Thanks for the kind words and the let's play!

If it’s only for Windows then there shouldn’t be Mac and Linux icons.

Ah, I uploaded the test version that was only windows!

My apologies, I will upload the proper version immediately.